Thank you to all who attended the Spring Conference in Kearney!

It was our facility members and business associate members together who made the Spring Conference possible. On behalf of the staff at LeadingAge Nebraska, THANK YOU and we are privileged to serve you! View the program

The handouts from the conference presenters will remain available for a week or two.

Conference handouts for download

Wednesday presentations:

1A: Stortenbecker (Maximizing Employee Talents)
1B: Weissberg (Trauma-informed Care)-2nd handout: Trauma References-3rd handout: Sample questions to consider
2A: Weissberg (Millennials)-2nd handout: Millennial Caregiver Tips and Clips
2B: Finck-Boyle (RoPs Phase 3)
3A: ArCuretecture-Ahl and Larson (Emergency Preparedness)
3B: Nevins (Table Top Drill)
Additional Nevins handouts: CMS and NHPP Letter;
NE Healthcare Coalitions;
NE State Emergency Managers Listing;
Listing of Resources
3C, 4C, 5C: Fisher, parts 1-3 (Montessori Method of Dementia Care)
4A: Bland (NEHII)
4B: VanWoert (Team Communication)
5A/B: Borcher (PDMP-Opioid Crisis and Medication reconciliation)

Thursday presentations:

Keynote: Elliott (Thursday keynote)
6A: Schied (Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships)
6B: Finck-Boyle (Survey Process)
6C: Nodes (LTC Ombudsman)
7A: Vogt (Plan of Correction)
7B: Baumann (Nursing Home Staff Competency Assmt)-2nd handout: Action Plan-3rd handout: Toolkit Instruction Manual

Future Conference Dates:


Fall Conference - October 9-10 (Lincoln, NE)

National Conference - October 27-30 (San Diego, CA)



Spring Conference - March 11-12 (Kearney, NE)

Fall Conference - October 14-15 (Lincoln, NE)

National Conference - November 1-4 (San Antonio, TX)