12/28/20: Need to Know Updates: Information tidbits from the past week (vaccine and non-vaccine related):

  • LTC residents who have received a recent vaccination (of any type) should not receive the COVID-19 vaccine for 14 days.  There is a 14 day window before receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and following receiving of the COVID-19 vaccination during which NO OTHER VACCINATIONS should be given.  If you have a recently admitted resident, you will want to make sure that they have not received any other vaccine in the 14 days prior. 
  • Per Dr. Ashraf:
    • Residents in the red zone should not receive vaccinations as a part of an on-site vaccine clinic.  
    • Residents and yellow, gray, and green may receive the vaccine.  
    • Green can be vaccinated and observed in a common area with masks and appropriate distancing.
    • Yellow and gray should receive vaccination in rooms if possible and can be observed in doorways with the door open for the 15 minute observation period.  The observation is 30 minutes for anyone who has had a history of anaphylaxis.  Yellow and gray MAY BE observed in small cohorts in a common area with masks, socially distanced, and with appropriate disinfection occurring IF NECESSARY due to staffing issues.  This is not the preferred approach.
    • Unlicensed staff or ancillary licensed staff may do post-vaccine observation.  A licensed member of the staff should be immediately available if needed.  Unlicensed staff should be trained on what to look for with residents and that "training" should be documented in their file (per Connie Vogt).
    • If a resident has been COVID positive, they should wait 10-21 days (depending on when their isolation is discontinued) to receive the vaccine. 
    • If a resident has received Bamlanivimab, he or she should wait 90 days to receive the COVID vaccine. 
  • Pharmacy Partners would like to remind you that they MUST have your completed Consent Forms prior to issuing vaccinations.  Again, both email and verbal consent are acceptable, but should be noted/included in the resident's record.  Provider staff may be asked to sign the pharmacy Consent and include information on how Consent was obtained. 
  • Per Sara Morgan with the Immunization Program, Local Health Departments are working with unmatched LTC providers to determine whether the LHD or an approved pharmacy will be overseeing the needs for clinics for those LTC locations.  Your Local Health Department (LHD) may have reached out to you to discuss options to work with state approved pharmacies.  
    • 131 Nebraska LTC facilities have vaccine clinics scheduled beginning this week, through which it is anticipated that 17,000 people will be vaccinated.  As of today, over 21,000 doses of vaccine have been administered across the state (outside of the LTC program). 
  • Per Dr. Ashraf:
    • If your staff receives vaccinations and has a fever they should be off of work.  
    • If the staff has symptoms that are not related to common side effects of the vaccine, the staff should be off of work.  In both of these circumstances you should consider testing. CDC updated information on the symptoms associated with COVID-19 and what to watch out for, note that respiratory symptoms (shortness of breath and coughing) are note included as vaccine side effects, nor is sore throat. 
    • If you have a staff member who has received the vaccine and continues to have vaccine related side effects for more than 48 hours, re-evaluate to determine if testing is warranted.
  • Last Friday the following HAN (Health Alert Network) Advisory was sent out to providers across the state in order to make all healthcare providers aware of the availability of Bamlanivimab treatment.
12/28/2020 Need to Know Updates