November 30, 2021

We are humbled by the response to our 25 Days of Giving campaign. Because of generous donors like YOU, Nebraska seniors AND staff in senior communities will receive a special gift this year.
LeadingAge Nebraska will be using 100% of the funds donated to the 25 Days of Giving campaign to purchase gifts, gift cards, or give money to individuals across the state.

Donations will be going to places such as Wakefield and Genoa, NE. And if you want to see some of the donated funds to come to your community, there is still time to nominate! We are still taking nominations here. All nominations will be evaluated by LeadingAge Nebraska staff, and every effort will be made to fulfill each and every request we receive! 

THANK YOU for making the holiday season a little brighter for those in need in our long-term care communities. Happy Holidays!

Kierstin Reed, MSW, MPA
Chief Executive Officer
LeadingAge Nebraska

Did you miss your chance to give to the campaign? GIVE HERE!

Why should you give to the 25 Days of Giving campaign? Here are 25 reasons to consider!

  1. Nov 6: Charitable donations are the perfect way to celebrate the true meaning of the holidays. Everyone should feel loved and appreciated during the holidays and all year long.  Your donation of any size will remind those receiving that the holidays are a time of joy and giving. 
  2. Nov 7: Giving feels good! And it’s good for you! Generosity is good for your brain health, makes you happier, counteracts depression and helps you live longer. 
  3. Nov 8: You are helping member organizations achieve their mission. LeadingAge Nebraska members are focused on making Nebraska a better place to grow old. We all want to be responsible guardians for those as they age and support them to live the best life possible. 
  4. Nov 9: Brighten the holidays for those in need. Roughly 1 in 3 older adults aged 65+ are economically insecure with incomes below 200% of the Federal Poverty Line.
  5. Nov 10: Giving is a teaching opportunity. Children and even our young workforce learns by seeing what others around them are doing. Be a good example to the younger generations and show them the importance of giving back! 
  6. Nov 11: Wrapping paper and I don’t get along. We will do your wrapping for you and get your gifts on the road to those in need! 
  7. Nov 12: We don’t need anything and others do. Did you know that 42.8% of older Americans are living alone? They will not receive a gift to make them feel special or have family to visit during the holidays. 
  8. Nov 13: A donation will help a community close to your heart. We all know someone in long-term care that is in need of a special gift. Think of it as your opportunity to play Santa!
  9. Nov 14: Your donation is a thank you gift to those who serve older Nebraskans. Some of our donations will go to direct-care staff in need this holiday season. Those that are giving of themselves every day deserve to be recognized. 
  10. Nov 15: You can honor those that you miss during this holiday season. You can give a gift on behalf of a family member you can’t be with this holiday or in memory of someone that has passed. 
  11. Nov 16: A donation is one-size fits all! Your gift will be paired with other gifts from across Nebraska to provide the greatest good. All denominations of gifts are accepted! 
  12. Nov 17: Gifts that give back are the perfect gift for that person who has everything. Someone on your holiday list that has everything? Give them the gift of giving by making a donation in their name. 
  13. Nov 18: It’s EASY! No shopping, wrapping, packing or delivery. It’s all on us! All you do is click the link and we will take care of the rest! 
  14. Nov 19: Gifts that give back reduce my guilt. We all know you would love to volunteer at an organization, but due to COVID or other obligations, that may not be possible. Giving a donation is another way to help someone in need
  15. Nov 20: No more waiting in lines! Who likes holiday shopping anyway? Let us do it for you! 
  16. Nov 21: These gifts aren’t hard to find! A donation to LeadingAge Nebraska will take the guess work out of your holiday donations. We identify senior communities, staff and older Nebraskans who are in need this holiday season by taking nominations from members. No more guessing! 
  17. Nov 22: I want to celebrate a meaningful holiday filled with experiences, not gifts. Isn’t this what the holidays are all about? Giving from the heart will provide you with experiences that no gift can buy, but your generosity will make the holidays brighter for someone in need. 
  18. Nov 23: It’s not you. Sometimes it takes seeing others whose circumstances are more difficult than ours to make us realize all that we have. LeadingAge Nebraska wants to make the holidays a little brighter for those less fortunate than ourselves. 
  19. Nov 24: It’s the right thing to do. Helping others in need is a fundamental part of being human, and an essential aspect of our humanity. 
  20. Nov 25: You have more than enough. If you’ve had a prosperous year, give thanks by sharing some of your good fortune with others!
  21. Nov 26: It could be your loved one. That lonely woman in the nursing home could be your mom, your aunt, your sister or your neighbor. Giving a little could make her holiday season a little brighter.
  22. Nov 27: You’re making someone’s holiday season. When someone goes out of their way to provide a special gift, people know it comes from the heart.
  23. Nov 28: Donating makes you happy! Studies show that those who donate are much happier than non-donors. According to a study by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, the life satisfaction among men and women increases when going from non-giving to giving. It also shows a greater rate of happiness among couples. 
  24. Nov 29: You’ll rally others to support the cause! The reason most people become involved with a non-profit organization is because of their friends and family. By donating and telling people about the organization, more people are likely to get involved, increasing the chances of change. Individuals make up 72% of charitable giving; therefore, without individuals like you, the social impact that organizations have would not exist. 
  25. Nov 30: We will regift it for you! LeadingAge Nebraska is using 100% of donations received to give back to those in need at our member communities.