Leading Age Nebraska Staff


 Jenifer Acierno, CEO


Jenifer is responsible for the overall management of the association including the development and implementation of its strategic vision, supporting programs and alignment of staff and financial resources. She works to identify opportunities, threats, interests, needs and concerns of members and develops and directs resources to address these needs. Jenifer works in concert with the LeadingAge Nebraska’s Board of Directors to establish and frame the association’s strategic direction, political advocacy agenda and works to ensure the board is informed of relevant environmental trends and challenges to help position members for success in this dynamic healthcare field.


Natalie McCormick, Director of Marketing and Professional Development


As the Director of Marketing and Professional Development, Natalie is responsible for marketing and planning the professional development events for our members. These events include spring and fall conferences, webinars, and full-day workshops. She prepares member education-related communication materials and develops promotional materials for the association. Natalie works with Jenifer to ensure relevant education content is available for our members.


Julie Hulinsky, Administrative Assistant


Julie’s role with LeadingAge Nebraska is to offer administrative support to Jenifer and Natalie. Her duties include day-to-day bookkeeping, preparation of financial reports, distribution of the weekly newsletter, and annual compilation and collection of national and state membership dues. Julie is also Executive Assistant and Office Manager at Jensen Rogert Associates, and she brings to LeadingAge Nebraska a solid educational background and experience in accounting and finance, organizational management, and information technology.