Urge the Appropriations Committee to include a provider rate increase for nursing facilities and assisted living providers!

The proposed DHHS Medicaid budget does not include any increase in Medicaid provider rates for the next budget cycle. Please join the LeadingAge Nebraska Legislative Committee in advocating for an increase in the Medicaid provider rate for nursing facility and assisted living providers. Your involvement is key! Please email the Appropriations Committee and your state senator by Wednesday, February 24 at noon (CT) to voice your support for a provider rate increase!

The contact email for the Appropriations Committee is apppl@leg.ne.gov.  

Find your senator's contact information HERE.  

Here is a link to a letter template to use as a start, if you choose. 
Medicaid Aid Budget template letter

If you write your own letter, here are some bullet points to consider:

  • Include specifics about your facility:
    • Location challenges (rural/urban)
      • Potential for LTC service access issues
    • Number of workers that you employ
    • Number of residents who you provide care for
    • Percentage of Medicaid residents
      • If rural, difficulty in diversifying payor mix
      • You can choose to include specifics about what you encounter as Medicaid losses
  • Examples of the Impact that COVID-19 has had on your facility
    • Increased costs (PPE, staffing, screening, testing, cleaning and sanitization, reporting, vaccination)
  • Decreased Revenue
    • Census reduction
  • Impact on residents
    • Isolation due to lack of visitation (Mental and emotional impact (loss of interest, depression), physical impact (weight loss, deconditioning), staff as family, loss of residents due to COVID-19 and impact on residents and staff, duration of pandemic.)

Help us spread the message by forwarding this action alert to your staff, residents and network.

If you have questions, contact Jenifer or Natalie.

Jenifer Acierno, President & CEO, jenifer.acierno@leadingagene.org 

Natalie McCormick, Director of Marketing & Professional Development