On-demand training from Denise Boudreau-Scott, President of DRIVE (and the keynote presenter at the 2020 Virtual Fall Conference!)

Now more than ever leaders need to be FEARLESS. Not an easy task since these are downright terrifying times. Why fearless? Because when I’m talking to my friends, who are leaders and supervisors, they secretly they tell me they are scared. Not only about getting sick or bringing the virus home to their families. They’re scared they don’t know what they are doing. That they are doing it wrong. And that the stakes are too high right now to screw anything up! When they tell me their deep dark secret of being afraid, they think they are the only one. I know the truth. RIGHT NOW, EVERY LEADER IS DOING THE BEST THEY CAN BUT THEY ARE SCARED.

I want to scream to my friends, to every stranger posting about their supposed leadership inadequacy online, you can (bleeping) do this! You can be an exemplary and fearless leader – now and always! Instead of screaming expletives (because I am feeling crazy enough these days) I decided to create this virtual leadership retreat, Fearless in the Face of Crisis.

The leadership theory we use at Drive is not something we just dreamed up. It’s backed by 40 years of research and it’s the exact type of leadership that is needed right now. This program will outline the tried and true 30 leadership traits needed to lead fearlessly, in and out of crisis. How can a leader be so exemplary in their skillset that they can handle anything that comes at them, no matter how tough times are, while inspiring and motivating those who depend on them to deliver the best care possible? We’ll take the mystery away and give participants the confidence to embody all that is fearless leadership.

Fearless in the Face of Crisis will walk your members through, step-by-step, relevant actions that they can use immediately to lead with positivity and confidence. Recalling my own days as a leader, I know this is exactly what they need to motivate their staff through these scary and ever-changing times. So, expect tips, hope and a side of sass because information alone isn’t enough, people have to be inspired to use it.

XO, Denise

What’s the Curriculum and What’s Included? Through bite-size videos, that total five hours of content, you will walk through the five principles and the 30 behaviors that support exemplary leadership. And this is all tried and true, research-based information. 40 years of research has already shown us what makes great leaders, great. We want to make this information easy for you to translate into action.

We want you to take this challenging time and turn it into an opportunity to stretch your skills to be the best, most fearless and exemplary, leader possible. We believe in you and we want you to believe in yourself by:

  • Watching short videos on you own schedule.
  • Completing worksheets for each of the 5 modules.
  • Participating in monthly LinkedIn live sessions.
  • Enjoying bonus video content for deeper learning.

The Bottom Line? You will learn simple, daily actions, that take no more than five minutes, that can impact your organization immediately and make leading through this time of crisis a bit more manageable!

During the course participants will:

  • Participate in simple, daily exercises that can be implemented immediately within their communities.
  • Recognize the importance of praise and appreciation in recruiting and retaining staff during this pandemic and afterwards.
  • Create a culture where positivity and hope is encouraged by leaders.

Module 1: Encourage the Heart
Module 2: Model the Way
Module 3: Challenge the Process
Module 4: Enable Others to Act
Module 5: Inspire a Shared Vision

Pricing: Pricing for the entire program, including life-time access and bonuses is $247.

Who Should Attend? Anyone who leads! Leadership from the frontline to the C-Suite will benefit from this comprehensive and confidence-boosting program!

Flexibility in Delivery: You can watch content on your own time, at your own pace! Online programming makes this a super user-friendly experience for all learners.  

Drive Faculty: Denise Boudreau-Scott, MHA, LNHA & Arleen Smith, RN

Collaboration Helps Attendees Act on What They Learn: A private LinkedIn group will provide learning as well as support, accountability, and sustainability! What does collaboration look like?

  • Answer questions: A monthly LinkedIn Live group allows for interaction.
  • Stop thinking and start doing: Act on the actions that are shared in each module.
  • Share practical tips: Members can share ideas and best practices with each other.
  • Get unstuck: Reading feedback from The Drive team and fellow participants can help between modules.
  • Share helpful resources: Sharing articles, policies and other items help us all to rise together.
  • Develop continually as a leader: Self-reflective questions help with insights and growth.

Continuing Education: 5 CEUs are being offered through NAB. Please note that only one person can receive CEUs for each program purchased.

Fearless in the Face of Crisis